STC 25 Manhole & CSO Surveys

Our manhole surveys are completed via trained and experienced engineers we carry out the surveys to the STC 25 Model Contract Document, On site our engineers work to our Health & Safety management system which is available at all times to our client.
Whilst on site there may be other on-going issues in which our client or the network operator may not be unaware of this will also be reported as required, from all of these practices we can build a report for our client encompassing a detailed survey report which also has a meaningful approach to other issues which may impact on the survey requested.

CSO Surveys are carried via trained AutoCAD engineers, from this they obtain all the detailed measurements within the chamber and transfer these measurements into an AutoCAD drawing to scale.

The Coordinates and covers levels used for the surveys can either be given from the client to tie in with their existing survey work or we can utilise our GPS Network rover system to establish a datum, if the survey is covering a large area we would only use the GPS initially to obtain a datum this would then be traversed around the survey area with our up to date robotic total stations.

We would install permanent stations for the survey giving our client confidence and peace of mind that all of the survey work has been taken from one datum. Once completed the survey is processed and can be issued via - Electronic format, Hard Copy or DVD Media.

The survey report issued may have the following included - Detailed STC 25 Report, Photographs of all chambers surveyed and surrounding areas, Fully updated plans to include possible unplotted manholes etc. and video mpegs of issues which may impact on the survey requested.